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чат знакомств курск знакомства санкт петербург new topic знакомства волчата view next topic болгария софия знакомства threads. Бесплатные знакомства в нижневартовске. Богдана купино знакомства · Болгария софия знакомства new topic · Братск знакомства · Брачное агенство. Во-вторых, сделать попытку связать процессы централизации Болгарии с of the existence of a certain number of subjects to the Bulgar khan who practiced Christianity. stone inscription from Madara ritual complex in Bulgaria dating back to the time of София, ; Стойнев А. Светогледът на прабългарите.

София, ; Овчаров Д. София, ; Стойнев А. Государства и народы евразийских степей. La religion des Turcs et des Mongols. But whether Bulgars and Sabirs had shared common ancestors is still a question under debate! Moreover, the Sabirs were living in lands which before them, at least from the 2nd century AD on, were populated by different Indo-European peoples and some small autochtonous ethnoi speaking Caucasian languages as well.

No doubt, some of them were speaking Iranian dialects, while others — Altaic ones. At the same time, apart from Tengri-khan, there are not any other data in the sources which might be linked with possible Turkic deities in pre-Christian Bulgaria. It should be underlined that the other two main deities in the so-called 3-vertical archaic model in the Turkic khaganates, namely the female goddess Umaj and the god Erklig, so far are not attested in Danubian Bulgaria.

So far, no stone inscription from Bulgaria shows such a connection, neither mentions the name Umaj or that of Erklig!

Still, her name as well as that of the god of the under-earth Erklig is not known to us. Could it be that the name of the supreme female deity in heathen Bulgaria was close to the Middle Asian goddess Nana j cf.

Nana j was the supreme female goddess in some parts of a vast area in Eurasia known after the 2nd millennium B.

болгария софия знакомства new topic

Or, maybe, it had a name close to the Alanian female goddess of the home hearth who, after the conversion to Christianity in Alania in the first half of the 10th century, was called Mady Mairam, i. Нормативен текст и социокултурен контекст. Съставител и научен редактор С. For another hypothesis, namely Turanian roots of the female Bulgar goddess, see: Хорезмские легенды как источник по истории религиозных культов Средней Азии. For the region also see: Фрунзе, ; 2 Откуда пришли индо-арии?

Материальная культура племен андроновской общности и происхождение индои-ранцев. Этногеография Турана в древности. Histoire des marchands Sogdiens.

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At the moment, as regards the name of the supreme Bulgar female deity, all the questions posed above are indeed a mere speculation. This topic has been for a long time a main issue of the research in Bulgar religion, so here I do not intend to go in depth into it. A well-known passage from Theophanes the Continuator concerning the Bulgars and Byzantines, and the treaty signed by Omurtag and the basileus Leo V in AD in particular, reads Here also are the words of deacon Ignatius, a contemporary of the events of AD What can we reconstruct from these sources on structural level, through the prism of the cosmogram?

Obviously, there are enough signs of esteem to water i. But were all those practices and rituals typical for the Turks only? Let me remind here what the Iranian-speaking Scythians living north of the Black Sea had 11 For more details see: An Introduction to the History of the Turkic Peoples.

Знакомства в Болгарии: поиск серьёзных отношений, спутника жизни и второй половики

Wiesbaden, ; Stepanov Ts. Studies in Medieval Inner Asia. Aldershot, UK, and Brookfield, [Variorum. According to Herodotus IV,they sent a frog, i. Is it possible then to reveal similar symbolism in the Bulgar rituals mentioned above? Pouring water from a cup is also mentioned in connection to another Bulgar ruler, the father of Omurtag, Krumduring the Bulgar siege of Constantinople headed by that same Krum: A connection to the similar running out water from a golden cup made by the Achaemenid ruler Xerxes has long been made by some scholars.

But it should be noticed that not only the Persians but the Central Asian Xsiung-nu and the Turks celebrated water, too. Therefore this act of Krum can not be viewed through a single prism, i. The same could also be said about the well-known cult of predecessors which was typical for the pre-modern societies in Eurasia, including the Bulgars.

Almost everywhere such kinds of cults were practiced in caves, regardless of the languages spoken by the local elites that performed the rites. All of them using mostly data from the art history and archaeology, highlighted the Iranian, stricto sensu Sassanian, influence in some Bulgar stone buildings and their plans mainly the heathen fire temples and palaces built by big stone quadrae as well as artistic evidence This sphere of historical knowledge definitely needs wider research so as to move forward our knowledge of the Bulgar religion s in that exact direction.

София, ; 2 Свещените дворци на българските канове. София, ; 3 Изследвания върху културата на старите българи. Firstly, let us ask ourselves, do we have any data from the Byzantine sources regarding Zoroastrian beliefs in heathen Bulgaria prior to s.

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For many years this had been the religion together with Manichaeism against which the Rhomaioi had concentrated all their efforts so as to confront Christianity towards it, since it was Sassanian Iran, with its Zoroastrianism, that was the main rival of the Byzantines.

Given that situation, it is absolutely clear that they had excellent knowledge of Zoroastrian doctrine and if it was the religion of the Bulgars, they would hardly miss the chance to note such a fact. But they did not! Thirdly, do we have any firm data as to the celebration of the spring equinox in Danubian Bulgaria, i.

болгария софия знакомства new topic

What we do have are not so much feasts if any at all dedicated to March 21st, but to March 1st, i. But it should also be mentioned that before celebrating March 1st to become a reality it was most probably the day that is directly connected with 19 Amongst the multitude of titles dealing with the topic see: Zoroaster and His World.

Princeton, ; Ghirshman R. Paris, ; Boyce M. Oxford, ; 2 Zoroastrians: Their Religious Beliefs and Practices. London, ; 3 Зороастрийцы. Iranian Gods in Hindu Garb: Taking an oath over a dog cut in two. Stuttgart, ; Frye R. The Heritage of Central Asia. From Antiquity to the Turkish Expansion. Princeton, ; Луконин В. Веселин Бешевлиев, майВелико Търново.

Moreover, the fire as one of the main elements of universe and creation, has been apprehended as sacred almost everywhere, including the autochtonous population of the Caucasus Mountains who, with view of its genesis, is neither Iranian, nor Altaic Almost the same is the situation with the water celebration since water, together with fire, is one of the four main elements mentioned above with air and earth, in addition.

We may continue asking the next question: It is also clear that a weak side of this hypothesis is the peculiar, that is, warm attitude towards the dogs typical for the Bulgars, a fact that is not so much characteristic for the Zoroastrian Iranians According to him, amongst the Volga Bulgars that same positive attitude towards the snakes existed as well; and again, this last information in Ibn Fadlan is also typical for the Caucasian peoples!

Another weak side of the Zoroastrian hypothesis may also be added. Zoroastrians in Middle Asia do bury their dead people in the so-called ossuarii. As for the burial rites, one may also compare the available data as to the Zoroastrian burial customs of Sassanian Iran in Theophilakt Symocatta and Agathias of Mirineia, both of them Byzantine authors from 6th-7th century Such practices were not characteristic for the Bulgars.

At the same time, the Zoroastrian hypothesis has also its strong sides. For instance, the plans of the heathen temples in Danubian Bulgaria — a square or quadrangle so far б found in Bulgaria: To all these six temples from nowadays Bulgarian territory one can also add two more temples, the first one from Central Caucasus in Khumara and the second one — in the so-called 21 Добрев П.

Преоткриването на прабългарския календар. Царственик на българското достолепие. Доисламские верования и обряды народов Нагорного Дагестана. Пътешествие до Волжска България Saltovo-Mayaki archeological culture which was indeed a culture left by Alans and Bulgars in the 8th-9th century, both of them living at that time in the Khazar khaganate.

болгария софия знакомства new topic

All of these pagan temples are dated most probably from the first half of the 9th century As is well-known, the plans were typical for the Iranian Zoroastrian temples of fire But the question is, what was the ritual performed in the Bulgar temples; and was it identical to that typical for the Sassanians?

And such rituals, almost everywhere, are strongly bound to fire and water! София, ; Дончева С. Культовые комплексы Маяцкого селища. Indeed the beliefs in fire and Sun are to be seen almost everywhere and amongst the Caucasian-speaking peoples, in particular. So the precise study of the Bulgar religion exactly in this Zoroastrian aspect is, obviously, a question of future investigation so as one to reach levels of detailed interpretation that are going beyond the well-known common typologies.

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Mithraism This hypo thesis has been put forward in the last decade by Alexander Alexiev-Hofart No doubt there are several strong arguments for such a hypo theis. This last claim is especially important as to the existence of a real Roman domination over the lands of South-East Europe for more than five centuries and of Mithraism here after the 2nd century AD, in particular. Of course, we should also point out, at least as existing on the level of popular Bulgar culture, a widespread cult of the Polar star and its seasonal substitute — the Pleiads constellation, a fact well known thanks to scholars such as Todor Mollov and Ancho Kaloyanov All these beliefs are 28 See: On the dynastic fires in Iran see: София, ; 2 Митраизмът и древните българи Културен архетип.

Цены Автобазар Болгария, София. Январь 2018, ч.2. Район Горубляне. Торги 50/50

Мит, религия и фолклор в кар-тината за свят у българите. На трибунах становится тише И вот на трибуне почетные гости: Лесгафта Владимир Владимирович Кузьмин. Он напомнил, что год тому назад Санкт-Петербург уже принимал Чемпионат Юниоров. На протяжении всей истории AIBA нашей главной миссией была поддержка боксёров на всех этапах спортивной карьеры. Сейчас мы, как и всегда, преданы своей миссии. Мы даем спортсменам систему, в которой они смогут полностью раскрывать свой потенциал, и шаг за шагом идти к новым высоты на пути к высочайшей чести: Ведущий отметил, что нынешний год для AIBA юбилейный — организации исполняется семьдесят лет.

Слово взял губернатор Санкт-Петербурга. И еще напомнил о малоизвестном факте — великий русский поэт сам был поклонником бокса и даже выписывал о нем книги из самой Англии — родине этого вида спорта. Невольно возник вопрос, а не заглядывал ли Георгий Сергеевич или его спичрайторы на наш сайт http: И вот объявлена первая сессия Чемпионата.

Весовая категория до 49 килограмм. В напряженной борьбе победил американец Дилан Прайс. В ринге Б сражались спортсмены из Южной Кореи и Мексики. Победа решением судей досталась мексиканцу Густаво Антонио. Далее — весовая категория до 56 кг. Так поступают недобросовестные предприниматели, или как их многие называют "пи. Пиарасы Вам говорят, что могут решить законно вопрос ввоза авто без налогов, едут в Литву, Болгарию, Польшу или Германию, оформляют доверенность на себя чтобы привести авто в Украинуещё одну для Вас чтобы Вам отдать автоа за доверенностью пиарас оформляет договор купли-продажи на себя с продавцом авто.

При этом пиарас просит продавца не идти в дорожную полицию сразу после сделки и не снимать авто с регистрации, пока пиарас не покинет пределы страны приобритения авто через таможню по доверенности договор купли продажи он ложит в карман, или отдает потом его Вам. На своё имя пиарас-украинец не может зарегистрировать авто в иностранном государстве, потому что он там не живёт постоянно, у него нет ни вида на жительство и айди-карты, скорее всего он там находиться по туристической визе.

Но Вам пиарас расказал, что знает все нюансы как привести авто без налогов в Украину, убедил Вас в законности, и поехал полулегально приобритать авто за Ваши деньги, которые Вы ему вручили. А пиарас, который взял Ваш деньги, чтобы привезти для Вас авто, вообще не провел никакой регистрации или перерегистрации. Он оформил две доверенночти и за ними договор купли продажи, взял ключи, авто и поехал.